Fifth International Workshop on Zeta Functions in Algebra and Geometry, May 25-29, 2020 Nice, France.

The workshop's topics are

1. Igusa-⁠type zeta functions (Archimedean, p-⁠adic, motivic, topological), and related 
Poincaré series
2. Zeta functions of groups, algebras, modules and representations
3. Real singularities and zeta functions 
4. Zeta function methods in mathematical physics 
5. Zeta functions in combinatorics
6. Bernstein polynomials 

On Thursday May 28 there will be a session in honor of Philippe Maisonobe.

There will be no talks on Wednesday afternoon.  



Organizing committee: 

Alejandro Melle Hernandez  (Madrid)
Adam Parusiński (Nice)
Wim Veys (Leuven)
Wilson Zúñiga-Galindo (Mexico City)

The local organizers are Ann Lemahieu and Adam Parusiński. 


Composition of the scientific committee 

Antonio Campillo  (Valladolid)
Wen-Ching Winnie Li (Penn State)
François Loeser (Paris)
Mircea Mustaţă  (Michigan)
Claude Sabbah (Ecole Polytechnique)
Christopher Voll (Bielefeld)
Stefan Weinzierl (Mainz)


For the previous workshops on zeta function see

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